What does retirement look like?

Do you and your spouse share the same view of your retirement years? You didn’t make it this far without communication and compromises, therefore you’re retirement years shouldn’t be any different. Families evolve. Financial situations change. One’s health can change instantly. By prioritizing your want lists and must lists, it can help you avoid future frustration and disappointment. Here are some responses our clients have shared when asked how they picture retirement:

Go fishing, hiking, camping
Move overseas in a small, quite village
Move to a warmer American climate
Visit major cities and historical sites throughout the world
Spend time each day playing with the grandchildren
Volunteer at favorite local charities
Maintain a part time job for extra spending money or social interaction
Compete in marathons or other races

Your retirement should be as unique as you are, so call Veracity Financial Services to talk about how we can help put you on the path to your vision.