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How We Support CPAs

We want you to be the best CPA and most and most trusted adviser for your clients.

CPAs are no longer defined by traditional services such as tax preparation, audits, and financial statements. CPAs are now expected to be their clients most trusted business adviser.

To accomplish this, accountants must fundamentally change the way they interact with clients. Historically, CPAs contact clients when a due date is looming. The resulting conversation usually revolves around questions such as “What has changed from last year?” or “What’s new since the last time we talked?”

Take into consideration that clients often don’t know about the services their CPA could provide beyond the core work already being done for them. Even worse, clients usually don’t know to ask about additional knowledge and assistance their CPA can supply. CPAs can identify additional opportunities where they can partner with clients and provide guidance that builds their business and personal wealth while also building trust.

But wait, all that sound like a lot of additional work and you’re already trying find that elusive work/life balance unicorn.

This is where Veracity Financial Services can help you be the best professional version of yourself. Our advisers are the gateway to a wealth of knowledge and expertise.

The accountants we work with sell expertise not their time. We want you to work less and gain more by using our Team Based Model to access to brain trust of experts that are here to make you look good. This frees up your calendar and allows you to do more of what you like to do while simultaneously taking care of your best clients.

Would you like to increase your revenue per client while working less?

Helping you build stronger relationships with your clients, while also freeing up time and increasing your professional autonomy is part of the holistic and proactive approach that Veracity Financial Services specializes in.

Contact us to see how the team-based concept is the only relationship you will need outside of your normal client relationships.